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Start of brewing activities.

The company was the first to obtain approval to set up a micro-brewery in Belgium. Due to the lack of availability of the materials required for small-scale commercial brewing, all of the initial production equipment was made out of recovered machinery (such as washing machines). Even today, “upcycling” remains one of the company’s core values, which we try to place at the fore, especially at our Watermill site.

First Microbrewery ⎢Abbaye des Rocs



The first beers go on sale.

Jean Pierre Eloir puts the brewery’s first beers on sale: “La Montagnarde” and “L’abbaye des Rocs brune”


To meet growing demand, the brewery decided to invest in new buildings in order to accommodate a new 12 hl brewing room.



New manager ⎢Abbaye des Rocs

New manager

Jean Pierre Eloir’s daughter Nathalie took over the reins of the company after completing her studies in brewing, with her partner Georges Levecq joining her four years later.



With demand only increasing, the company decided to invest again in a new 50 hl brewing room, enabling it to produce up to 2000 hl of beer.

Brewing room ⎢Abbaye des Rocs


Implementation of a quality system


The Watermill ⎢Abbaye des Rocs

The Watermill 

Acquisition of a 12th-century watermill situated on the River Honnelles, opposite the village church. Originally, it belonged to the chateau in the village centre, which also included the abbey in its estate.. 



Acquisition of three new fermentation and conditioning tanks in order to double the current volume of production and meet the increasing number of orders.

Fermentation tanks ⎢Abbaye des Rocs
1987 ⎢Abbaye des Rocs
1984 ⎢Abbaye des Rocs
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