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L'Abbaye des Rocs blonde

A slightly amber and fairly cloudy blonde (6% ABV).

Fruity and spicy flavours. A slightly acid citrus taste combined with hints of herbs and honey. A fruity and spicy blonde beer. The ingenious blend of fruity flavours gives it a freshness and a slightly acid citrus taste combined with hints of herbs and honey. Slightly amber in colour and fairly cloudy, it has a generous white head on top.

L'Abbaye des Rocs brune

Abbaye des Rocs (9% ABV) is a pure malt beer with no added sugar.

The harmony of flavours is directly linked to its double fermentation process, the precise quantities of malt used (7 types).

It is a majestic, papal, dark ruby red colour. Its taste is rich and full of subtlety. It is enjoyed like a red wine, whose colour it resembles, but without the tannin. It develops a very powerful aroma with sweet notes. It confirms the initial impression in the mouth, although now enveloped by a deep bitterness, yet one that is well balanced and with a certain fruitiness. It is released fully on the palate, developing an impressive density of flavour. There are notes of burnt wood, but although this beer includes a roasted malt in its ingredients, this does not come through in the aroma. The aftertaste is very long thanks to its dense and creamy development whilst in the mouth. The bitterness and sweetness (even though no sugar is added) rival one another magnificently, but come out as equals, to the great satisfaction of the taster.

La Montagnarde

This sturdy beer is strong both in taste and alcohol content (9%), boasting undeniably appealing flavours.

The people of Montignies-sur-Roc, which lies to the south of Mons in the province of Hainaut, are known locally as Montagnards. It seemed perfectly natural then for a beer brewed in the village to be named La Montagnarde. Enlivened by a very sharp bouquet of fruitiness and spiciness, it has a stark taste, somewhere between intense bitterness and dreamy caramel. Absolutely sugar-free, this pure malt beer plays with a variety of flavours that soften the bitterness. There is a pepperiness at the back of the mouth and a tingling on the tongue. Its qualities continue to develop in the mouth, each element of its flavour having the chance to express itself individually. It is very active in the glass too, giving it a generous, long-lasting head. Its long finish highlights the ever-present bitterness, with a little less of the caramel. The finale evokes a kind of sugar-free gingerbread.

La Blanche des Honnelles

Amber in colour, which after all is the traditional appearance of historical white beers, it has a higher volume of alcohol (6%) than the white beers we are familiar with. Having been created locally (1991), this white beer has long since burst out beyond the banks of the Grande and Petite Honnelle rivers whose name it proudly bears. Yet, Blanche des Honnelles steers clear of the well-trodden paths taken by some beers. Its taste is surprising and in no way comparable to the other beverages of the same type that are currently on the market. While relatively discreet on the nose, its initial flavour yields to an intensely dry bitterness on a peppery background. There is no acidity in this three-cereal white beer (barley, wheat, oats). Its taste is invigorating. 

La Triple Impériale

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La Grand Cru

This beer (9% ABV) is a very dark red in colour.

It has a very complex, yet very powerful soul. The hops and spices involved in its brewing process only add more zing to its flavour. Despite its density, this beer is easy to digest.

La nuit étoilée

La Nuit étoilée is an Amber beer with 9% ABV.

It's an homage to Vincent Van Gogh, famous artist of our area. There is an delicate bitterness and some flavors of fruits and caramel. 

La Passe Tout Outre

Passe Tout Outre is a blonde beer at 6.5% ABV, with: * a particularly low sugar level, * a pleasant bitterness and an ever-so-slightly fruity nose. It is characterised by an absence of spice in order to release all of the flavours naturally present in the various types of hops used, which include southern Belgian hops – a source of great national pride!

La Marcelin

Marcelin Amber is a natural, triple-fermented beer adeptly brewed in the village of Montignies-sur-Rocs in Belgium. This authentic beer has a spicy and fruity bouquet, with a skilful blend of bitterness and caramel.

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Our beers are made entirely from natural products (hops, malt, water, yeast and spices).

The slightly sweet flavours in our beers come directly from non-fermenticide residues that occur naturally in the malt. As these are not absorbed by the yeast, they sweeten our products in a healthy way, as well as allowing the grain to release all of its flavours.

This method enables us to achieve richer-tasting beers and to describe our range as “traditionally pure malt”.









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